All of Prepaid Warid Zem Call Packages are covered in this post to eliminate any confusing and for easy comparison, while the extra details of any package / offer is its own post.
Warid Ramadan Rozana Offer:
With Ramadan Value Package and Extra Value Package get Free call after 3rd minute Value Package in which you will get free calls after only 3 minutes and you can also send up to 250 Free SMS daily throughout Ramadan.And if you have to talk, SMS and use the internet then Extra Value Package offers Free Calls after 3rd minute, 500 Free SMS and 10MB Free GPRS daily.

1,000 Free Minutes:
Warid Telecom introduce a low priced new SIM, with an amazing offer like 10 paisa per minute and up to 1000 free minutes. The SIM has a low price of Rs. 60 and comes with a pre-loaded amount of Rs. 25. This is location based offer for the users located within the area of Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala,Azad Jammu & Kashmir regions.
Warid Minute Package:
Warid’s Minute Package offers in which call per minute rate of Rs. 1.20/min on any mobile network and landline number in Pakistan You can also add two Friends & Family numbers of your choice (one Off-Net & one On-Net) on which you can calls at rate of Rs. 1/min.

Warid Zem Prepaid Hourly Package:
Make unlimited calls to On-net (Warid to Warid) numbers for Rs. 3+ tax.You can choose 2 hours in a day for your hourly package during which you can make unlimited calls to On-net (Warid to Warid) numbers for Rs. 3+ tax.

Voice Craze By Warid:
Warid Zem brings INFINITE CRAZE night time package By subscribing to InfiNite Craze you can make unlimited free calls, from 12 am to 7 am, to any five friends and family Warid numbers and you can also send unlimited free SMS & MMS to any number across Pakistan.

SMS Craze By Warid Zem:
Warid Zem brings messaging and internet package. With SMS Craze subscribers can get upto 5,000 SMS/MMS to any number across Pakistan & 10MB of Mobile Internet for a monthly subscription of Rs.150 inclusive of all taxes.
Infinite Craze Prepaid Package By Warid:
Warid Zem Prepaid introduce Package Voice Craze package. Every week you can get 200 free minutes for only Rs.110 + tax. So subscribe to Voice Craze by dialing 321. 125 on-net (Warid-Warid) minutes, 25 off-net (landline/ other mobile operators) and 50 voice talk minutes.

Sundays are Fundays By Warid Zem:
If you are busy all week and want to catch up with friends & family on Sundays, Zem brings you Sunday Craze,the best friends & family offer. By subscribing to this offer you can now make unlimited FREE on-net calls on Sundays, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Warid Packages Zem Tariff:
Warid Zem Packages tariff detail:
  • Zem 1 Second and Zem 60 Seconds packages, 5 On-Net(Warid to Warid) numbers can be selected as FnF
  • Zem Lowest Call Rate 30 Seconds package, 4 On-Net(Warid to Warid) and 1 Off-Net (PTCL/other mobile) number can be selected as FnF

Sim Jagao Warid Package:
Put your SIM your mobile set and get free minutes and sms equivalent to 10 % of every recharge amount during the offer period. or win Rs.30 in their accounts as free activation balance.

Warid Internet Package for Zem Prepaid & Glow:
The Prepaid GPRS Bucket aims at allowing Prepaid customers the facility to use GPRS in bulk buckets (10MB Data Buckets) in the form of consumable units. The offering is being positioned at a competitive price to facilitate our prepaid customers for GPRS usage and allows a 30day validity period to the customer.